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Art. First Post too. <33333

I come bearing crack! As if that's impossible here

So I was talking to moeruze_burning before Chistmas and we started talking about what if Tenipuri became a Disney show and then I said that they'd all end up girls since Disney's on a girlpower kick and then the next thing I knew I ended up in very un-Disney-like waters. o_o;;;

But what can I say? I'm kinda perverted...XDDDDDD

Thus I have started a 4 pannel (4 koma) comic series of gag strips involving the group as girls. Not all characters in the series switched genders. I mostly went by school (like if Ryoma's a girl then all of Seigaku's students get switched) or since Tachbiana is staying a boy, none of Fudomine get switched around including An. There's only two so far, but I have a thrid in the works. There'll be het, slash, and femslash. You know, the usual Tenipuri faire. XD

Title Princess of Tennis 1: Shring Is Caring
Artist Uozumi
Characters (Order of Appearence) Gakuto, Atobe, Kabaji, Hiyoshi, Oshitari, Shishido, and Chotaro
Warning Gender switching, mention of breasts, and crack

Princess of Tennis 1: Sharing Is Caring

Title Princess of Tennis 2: Inui Juice Remix Version 5.2
Artist Uozumi
Characters (Order of Appearence) Jiroh, Oshitari, Atobe, Tezuka, and Inui
Warning Gender switching and crack

Princess of Tennis 2: Inui Juice Remix Version 5.2

Next Time on Princess of Tennis: Sengoku drops by Seigaku o_O and omfg there are boys in the comics now!

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