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Art. Princess of Tennis Series parts 3 and 4! :D Now with boys! X3

Hey y'all. I have two comics today XD Both quite odd.

Previous Comics

001: Sharing Is Caring
002: Inui Juice Shoujo Remix 5.2

Title 003: Lover or Fighter?
Characters (order of appearence) Sengoku, Momoshiro, Kaidoh
Pairings Sengoku/Momoshiro, possible Momoshiro/Kaidoh (depending on how you look at it o_O)
Warnings Implied violence, girl!Momoshiro, girl!Kaidoh, pervert talk

003: Lover or Fighter?

Title 004: Cooties
Characters (order of appearence) Eiji, Inui, Yanagi
Pairings Inui/Yanagi
Warnings girl!Eiji, girl!Inui
Notes Cooties is another name for lice. Also I think I ended up inadvertantly giving Inui the largest cans in this particular crack series >_>

004: Cooties

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