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Gender Comic.

I decided to move to updating LJ only on Fridays so I'm not updatng constantly on here >_> Ifeel so bad for updating constantly

So here are more of the gender bending comics! The majority are PG-13 though there are some PG and G ones.

They all start off with 001: Sharing Is Caring

Every deviation has links to the other four panels. So far they're all gas ranging from quite funny to kinda lameish >_>

Anyway, last time on Prnicess of Tennis, we caught up with Inui's boyfriend Yanagi. This week....

Title 006: Formations
Characters (order of appearance) Ohtori, Shishido, Oishi, Eiji
Pairings Ohtori/Shishido (kinda) and Oishi/Eiji
Warnings panty shot, girl!Hyotei, girl!Seigaku, pervy Oishi

006: Formations

Title 007: Binding
Characters Fuji sisters o_O;;
Pairings it depends on how you takes it >_>
Warnings girl!Seigaku, girl!St. Rudolph, breast touchie o_O, and incest if you choose to analyze it that way

007: Binding

Next time on Princess of Tennis, more MomoSen, hints at MomoKai and possibly AkutsuKaidoh o_O Also there will be a peek into Inui's lists possibly.

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