Shu (mildly_deluded) wrote in yuripuri,

Fic: Waiting

Title: Waiting.
Author: Shu/mildly_deluded
Rating: G
Warnings: Genderswap (female Tezuka, Atobe and Oshitari), mild angst.

A hand in her hair, lips against her throat, a warmth at her side. These are the things that come to Mitsuko's mind when she thinks of Atobe Keiko, the strongest memories of her time with the other girl. But what meaning do they have now? Keiko is gone and she is alone again. As always.

Tezuka Mitsuko is a leader by nature, a figure born to be followed, but somehow she is always the one left behind. When everyone else has moved on, has found something new to focus on, she is still where she always is. It is, she's sure, the reason Keiko is gone. But she isn't one to dwell on her mistakes, not if she can help it. She can't change who she is any more than Keiko can.

And that is why she loves Keiko. And why Keiko loves someone else.

She tries to be happy for Keiko, but there is always the part of her insisting that Oshitari isn't good enough for her. That the place at Keiko's side is hers alone. But Mitsuko is constant, unchanging and unchangeable. And Keiko needs change around her.

And that is why Mitsuko will let her go. Because one day Keiko will tire of change. And Mitsuko will be waiting.
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